Chlorine dioxide disinfection effervescent tablets

Chlorine dioxide is the only highly effective disinfectant (sterilizer) in the internationally recognized chlorine-containing disinfectants, which can kill all microorganisms, including bacterial propagules, bacterial spores, fungi and viruses.  



Product Name: Chlorine Dioxide Effervescent Tablets (ClO2)

◆Main effective ingredients: Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)

◆ Activation-free: The process of dissolving and releasing chlorine dioxide is not limited by the amount of water. Only need to put the tablet into the water to produce a certain amount of high-purity chlorine dioxide. On the one hand, the cumbersome and stimulating activation operation is completely eliminated, and at the same time, it is ensured that all the active ingredients are dissolved in the water.

◆ High purity: the purity of chlorine dioxide released after dissolution is ≥98%

◆ Fast dissolution: 5-10 minutes for complete dissolution.

◆ Safe and reliable: safe transportation and storage, non-toxic side residues after use.

Widely used in water treatment industry; food industry; medical care industry; livestock and poultry, aquaculture industry; greenhouse vegetable and mushroom cultivation industry; fruit and vegetable preservation industry; environmental improvement, etc.

The main purpose

1. Special sterilization and algae removal agent for water treatment

Application scope: industrial circulating cooling water sterilization, algae killing and mud removal. Water disinfection of swimming pool water and water features.

Product features: Good bactericidal and algae-killing effect, quick onset, bactericidal ability is not affected by PH value, and no carcinogens are formed after the action. The stability is good before use, the activation is timely and thorough during use, and the effect is lasting after administration.

Product specifications: 12.5g/tablet; 25g/tablet. Chlorine dioxide content ≥10%

2. Water disinfectant for aquaculture

Application scope: disinfection of fish, shrimp, turtle, crab and other breeding ponds, water bodies, organisms, bait, and prevention and treatment of various aquatic diseases.

Product features: safe, efficient, broad-spectrum, rapid killing of various pathogenic microorganisms, no damage to plankton, detoxification of water bodies, and aeration. It has the advantages of fast dissolution, fast discharge, remarkable curative effect, promotion of toxic gas discharge from the bottom to the water body, thorough sterilization and disinfection of the bottom, and convenient use. It can quickly kill bacterial propagules, spores, fungi and viruses in the water body, and destroy the surface antigen of hepatitis B.

Product specifications: 0.75g/piece; 1g/piece. Chlorine dioxide content ≥10%

3. Special antiseptic and fresh-keeping agent for food industry

Application range: Sterilization and disinfection of food water, purified water and mineral water. Circulating washing and immersion sterilization of food processing equipment and pipelines. Food and beverage packaging bags, bottles and caps are immersed for disinfection. Sterilization and preservation of meat, aquatic products, beverages, etc. The shiitake mushrooms are bleached and kept fresh. Deodorization and disinfection of food refrigerators, freezers, etc.

Product features: The combined process formula specially designed according to the characteristics of the food industry, through a large number of application experiments and screening methods, is safer and more efficient to use in the food industry. It solves the problems of easy pollution, difficult disinfection, difficult preservation, and high cost in the food industry.

Product specifications: 5g/tablet; 1g/tablet. Chlorine dioxide content ≥10%

4. Disinfectants for the healthcare industry

Applications: Hospital wards, operating rooms, outpatient rooms; air disinfection in offices, toilets, trains, hotels and other places; disinfection of medical equipment and infectious ward appliances.

Product features: broad-spectrum sterilization, quick-acting, non-toxic, no residue, low dosage, long drug effect, strong deodorizing power, thorough and safe disinfection of highly polluted equipment.

Product specifications: 1 g/tablet. Chlorine dioxide content ≥10%

5. Disinfectant for poultry breeding industry

Scope of application: disinfection of live animals and poultry, disinfection of drinking water, disinfection and deodorization of air, ground and feces in livestock and poultry houses.

Product features: efficiently kill all kinds of harmful bacteria and viruses, prevent livestock and poultry diseases, purify and improve the environment of livestock and poultry houses. For poultry and rare animals that are susceptible to disease, the breeding of laboratory animals is an indispensable high-efficiency and safe drug.

Product specifications: 1 g/tablet. Chlorine dioxide content ≥10%

6. Special disinfectant for planting industry

Application: greenhouse vegetable planting, mushroom planting, seed disinfection treatment.

Product features: efficiently kill various molds and viruses, prevent and control various plant diseases, and improve the yield and quality of vegetables and fruits.

Product specifications: 1 g/tablet. Chlorine dioxide content ≥10%

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